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How Do I Get Their Attention? Dos and Don'ts
In the current economic climate, with jobs at a premium, an employer may well receive over a hundred applications for one position.How on earth do you get yours to stand out from the others?
DO keep it simple and to the point and DO use Keywords and Phrases which will catch the "eye" of the Web Browsers and the sub-concious of the reader(I can help you with this).
DON'T.Get Tricksy or clever-PLEASE!I have looked at literally thousands of CVs over the years and documents presented in a variety of colours or with a variety of type-faces just get on your nerves when you are busy.
Posted on 2013 Apr 29 by Graham
Does size matter?
A question asked in many contexts,of course.With CVs the answer is definitely "Yes" but in this case (relatively) Small is definitely Beautiful.Some employers have told me that a CV more than 2 pages long will go straight in the bin.Keep it simple and to the point without forgetting KeyWording and Quality Presentation.
Posted on 2013 Apr 29 by Graham
What about Application Forms?
A lot of people say to me that having a great CV is all well and good but a lot of jobs obviously require you to complete the employer's standard form.
NO PROBLEM AT ALL-I can fill the Application Form in for you (including of course the vital Suitability for the Post section) -all you have to do is provide me with a brief Career History together with a Person Specification and Job Description for the post.
Posted on 2013 Apr 29 by Graham
Need more than one CV?
Does a "one size fits all" CV deliver the result you want?
In some circumstances it is fine, perhaps if you are looking for a first job, but even then it depends on the job.
A "core" cv which you tailor to each application should deliver better results - but if you are sending a large number this can become a very demanding task.
Nevertheless for senior and high paid positions the investment in time and effort, can make the difference between getting the job and not.One option is to let me do it for you.
Posted on 2006 Mar 30 by Graham
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